• Closed Education in the Open Society : Kibbutz Education as a Case Study

    Yehezkely, Chen 2012 Schriftenreihe zur Philosophie Karl R. Poppers und des Kritischen Rationalismus/Series in the Philos ( Serie ) Amsterdam : Editions Rodopi 9789401208734 | BRILL9789401208734 Abstract

    Preliminary Material -- Giving Our Children the Benefit of the Doubt -- Back to Basics -- The Quest for the Good Society -- The Quest for the Good Education -- Closed Education in the Open Society -- The Kibbutz: A Closed Open Society -- Between Kibbutz and Kibbutz Education -- Faith -- The Ethical Dimension -- The Critical Approach -- The Answer from Liberalism -- The Benefits of Doubt: All That We Truly Have -- Bibliography -- Name Index -- Subject Index.

Yehezkely, Chen

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