• 'Mathesis of the mind' : a study of Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre and geometry

    Wood, David W. 2012 Fichte-Studie-Supplementa ( Serie ) Amsterdam ; New York, NY : Rodopi 9789401207683 | BRILL9789401207683 Abstract

    This is the first major study in any language on J.G. Fichte’s philosophy of mathematics and theory of geometry. It investigates both the external formal and internal cognitive parallels between the axioms, intuitions and constructions of geometry and the scientific methodology of the Fichtean system of philosophy. In contrast to “ordinary” Euclidean geometry, in his Erlanger Logik of 1805 Fichte posits a model of an “ursprüngliche” or original geometry – that is to say, a synthetic and constructivistic conception grounded in ideal archetypal elements that are grasped through geometrical or intelligible intuition. Accordingly, this study classifies Fichte’s philosophy of mathematics as a whole as a species of mathematical Platonism or neo-Platonism, and concludes that the Wissenschaftslehre itself may be read as an attempt at a new philosophical mathesis, or “mathesis of the mind.”

Wood, David W.

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