• Stories from the bog : on madness, philosophy, and psychoanalysis

    Kavanaugh, Patrick B 2012 Contemporary psychoanalytic studies , Vol. 14 ( Serie ) Amsterdam : Rodopi 9789401207645 | BRILL9789401207645 Abstract

    This collection of short stories and essays call into question the medical-scientific narrative, its understandings of psychoanalysis and madness, and the identity, purpose and ethics that flow from and sustain its narrative. These stories are gathered from meetings with people on in-patient units and in private practice. Emphasis is placed on the centrality of the Freudian unconscious in the process of listening, understanding and responding in the analytic discourse. Collectively, they reintroduce the identity of the analytic practitioner as the shaman of contemporary times, a mind-poet who sees the world through a magical –as opposed to a scientific- visionary experience.



Kavanaugh, Patrick B

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