• Scientific realism and democratic society : the philosophy of Philip Kitcher González, Wenceslao J | Kitcher, Philip 2011 Poznań studies in the philosophy of the sciences and the humanities ( Serie ) Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi 9789401207355 | BRILL9789401207355 Abstract

    Philip Kitcher is among the key philosophers of science of our times. This volume offers an up to date analysis of his philosophical perspective taking into account his views on scientific realism and democratic society. The contributors to the volume focus on four different aspects of Kitcher’s thought: the evolution of his philosophy, his present views on scientific realism, the epistemological analysis of his modest (“real” or “piecemeal”) realism, and his conception of scientific practice. In the final chapter, the philosopher replies to his critics. The volume will be of interest to philosophers as well as anyone interested in the relation between science and society.

González, Wenceslao J
Kitcher, Philip

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