• The self-correcting enterprise : essays on Wilfrid Sellars

    Wolf, Michael P | Lance, Mark Norris 2006 Poznań studies in the philosophy of the sciences and the humanities ( Serie ) Amsterdam ; New York, NY : Rodopi 9789401203913 | BRILL9789401203913 Abstract

    This volume presents ten new essays on the work of Wilfrid Sellars and its implications for contemporary philosophy. Contributors run the gamut from established voices in the Sellarsian literature to the newest voices in the field. It addresses topics ranging from cognitive science and philosophy of mind to epistemology and the philosophy of language. This volume is of interest to those studying cognitive development, perception, justification and semantics. It will also be of great interest to anyone following the recent work of John McDowell or Robert Brandom.

Wolf, Michael P
Lance, Mark Norris

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