• Observation, hypothesis, introspection

    Wiegner, Adam | Nowakowa, Izabella 2005 Poznán studies in the philosophy of the sciences and the humanities, 0303-8157 ( Serie ) Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi Englisch 9789401201704 | BRILL9789401201704 Abstract

    Wiegner's work belongs to Polish analytical philosophy, but it falls outside of its main current, the Lvov-Warsaw School, which was influenced by Hume's ideas, Wiegner, influenced by neo-Kantianism, developed a non-Humean conception of holistic empiricism, which anticipates some of the ideas of K.R. Popper and W.V.O. Quine. Some of his ideas remain original to this day.His main research interests included epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science especially philosophy of psychology, analytical history of philosophy, interpretation of traditional logic in terms of mathematical logic.

Wiegner, Adam
Nowakowa, Izabella

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