• Das 'Super'-Transzendentale und die Spaltung der Metaphysik : der Entwurf des Franziskus von Marchia

    Folger-Fonfara, Sabine 2008 Brill eBook titles 2008 ( Serie ) Leiden ; Boston : Brill 9789047432326 | BRILL9789047432326 Abstract

    The history of modern metaphysics is essentially marked by its splitting up into a metaphysica generalis and a metaphysica specialis, a well-known distinction especially within Christian Wolff’s systematic conception of metaphysics. This study investigates the actual origins of this significant development, which can be already found at the beginning of the 14th century. On the basis of a fundamentally revised doctrine of transcendentals the Franciscan theologian Francis of Marchia (~1290-1344) introduces for the first time a dissociation of the primum cognitum of the human intellect from the subject of metaphysics, according to which metaphysics is no longer one science in the sense of a scientia transcendens, as most of his predecessors claimed in the 13th century, but rather twofold: ontology and theology.

Folger-Fonfara, Sabine

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