• Ordering the heavens : Roman astronomy and cosmology in the Carolingian renaissance

    Eastwood, Bruce 2007 History of science and medicine library ( Serie ) Leiden ; Boston : Brill 9789047431077 | BRILL9789047431077 Abstract

    In-process analytical instrumentation is becoming increasingly important for process control and product quality measurement in a production environment in many industries, including the following: petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology. The journal provides a multidisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers involved in research, plant design, process quality control and environmental monitoring. Chemists, chemical/mechanical/electrical and instrument engineers, computer scientists, quality assurance engineers, instrument manufacturers and consultants form the primary audience.Emphasis will be on the practical aspects of the topics dealt with, which include: sampling, sample handling, instrumentation, on-line measurement, automation, (real-time) expert systems, control theory, system validation, data management and statistical process control. In addition to original research papers, the journal publishes tutorial papers, reviews, case studies, applications and short communications, plus a section featuring product descriptions, meeting reports and critical reviews of relevant products.

Eastwood, Bruce

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