• On Comparing and Evaluating Scientific Theories Jonkisz, Adam | Koj, Leon 2000 Brill Book Archive Part 1, ISBN: 9789004472495 , Vol. 72 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004457775 | 9789042012639 | BRILL9789004457775 Abstract

    Contents: Leon KOJ: Methodology and values. - Leon KOJ: Science as system. - Adam GROBLER: Explanation and epistemic virtue. - Piotr GIZA: Intelligent computer systems and theory comparison. - Henryk OGRYZKO-WIEWIEROWSKI: Methods of social choice of scientific theories. - Kazimierz JODKOWSKI: Is the causal theory of reference a remedy for ontological incommensurability? - Wolfgang BALZER: On approximative reduction. - C. ULISES MOULINES: Is there genuinely scientific progress? - Adam JONKISZ: On relative progress in science."

Jonkisz, Adam
Koj, Leon

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