• Matthew of Orléans : Sophistaria sive summa Communium distinctionum circa sophismata accidentium

    Spruyt, Joke 2001 Brill Book Archive Part 1, ISBN: 9789004472495 , Vol. 74 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004453128 | 9789004118973 | BRILL9789004453128 Abstract

    This volume contains the first critical edition of Matthew of Orléans' Sophistaria, dating from the first half of the thirteenth century. The genre is closely related to the Syncategoreumata-treatises and Sophisma-collections, which all deal with logico-semantic problems, but each in a different way. The Sophistaria-treatise takes commonly used logical, semantic and grammatical distinctions as its starting point and subsequently moves to the discussion of puzzling sophisma-sentences these distinctions are exemplified in. The volume contains a broad introduction, as well as extensive indexes of names, sources (loci), subjects, and sophisma-sentences.



Spruyt, Joke

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