• Albertus Magnus und der Albertismus : Deutsche philosophische Kultur des Mittelalters

    Hoenen, Maarten | Libera, Alain De 1995 Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters , Vol. 48 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004450974 | 9789004104396 | BRILL9789004450974 Abstract

    The German philosophical culture of the Middle Ages is inextricably linked to the thought of Albert the Great. The writings of Albert set a definitive stamp on the mysticism of Eckhart and Tauler as well as on the intellectual traditions of the studia of the Dominican order and the German universities of the later Middle Ages. During this process Albert's thinking was not simply adopted, but was further developed and was frequently given a quite new form by the various fields of intellectual life. This volume brings together 14 original papers, which deal with Albert's influence from the points of view of mysticism, literature, philosophy, theology and the history of universities. The contributors of the volume are: A. de Libera, W. Haug, C. Vasoli, E. Weber, O. Pluta, K. Flasch, G. Steer, R. Blumrich, R. van den Brandt, Chr. Asmuth, Z. Kaluza, R. Imbach, M. Hoenen, H. Schüppert and R. Pagnoni-Sturlese.

Hoenen, Maarten
Libera, Alain De

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