• Der Traum der Philosophie im 12. Jahrhundert : Traumtheorien zwischen Constantinus Africanus und Aristoteles

    Ricklin, Thomas 1998 Mittellateinische Studien und Texte , Vol. 24 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : Brill Deutsch 9789004450943 | 9789004111165 | BRILL9789004450943 Abstract

    From the example provided by theories on dreams, this study undertakes a reconstruction of the philosophical revolution embodied in the so-called 12th-century renaissance, which, from its origins in Arabic medical scholarship, led to the appropriation of the new Aristotle. An analysis of theories at the beginning of the 12th century leads to an examination of William of Conches' dream theories, first proposed in his Macrobius Commentary, and which were later to find general acceptance. The intellectual context leading to the translation in Byzantium of Aristotle's theories on dreams - together with its Arabic tradition - in Western-Latin Scholarship is examined through its first users: Alfred from Sareshel, David from Dinant, Radulfus de Longo Campo.

Ricklin, Thomas

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