• On the 'Logic' of Togetherness : A Cultural Hermeneutic

    Wu 1998 Philosophy of History and Culture , Vol. 20 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004450639 | 9789004110007 | BRILL9789004450639 Abstract

    Building bridges between Asian and Western philosophies, Kuang-ming Wu provides a novel approach to the "self-other" issue, casting it in terms of togetherness. On the "Logic" of Togetherness is a natural sequel to On Chinese Body Thinking (Brill, 1997). It is an essay on a cultural hermeneutics of togetherness, and of the homo-ecological community of differences, cultural and otherwise. "Togetherness" is the concrete primal "that" by which we explain and analyze concrete things and situations: an intrinsic interactive principle of integrity, growth, reflection, and behavior. In five sections, this book describes cultural, personal, argumentative, religious and philosophical situations of togetherness, thus providing an imaginative examination of its varieties.


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