• Madhyamaka Thought in China

    Liu 1994 Sinica Leidensia , Vol. 30 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004450332 | 9789004099845 | BRILL9789004450332 Abstract

    The history of the Madhyamaka, one of the two main Indian Mahāyāna Buddhist philosophical traditions, began around the second century A.D. with the appearance of the writings of Nāgārjuna and Nāgārjuna's followers. Several of these writings were transmitted to China in the first decade of the fifth century, and had exerted a considerable influence on the development of Chinese Buddhist thought. This book examines the three stages of development of Chinese Madhyamaka, focussing attention on the different ways the representative figures of each stage applied basic Madhyamaka principles to deal with the central Buddhist doctrinal issues of their age. The chief aim of this book is to locate an ideological nucleus and to trace a general pattern of transformation, referring to which the precise significance of the key theoretical elements and the exact relationship between the main doctrinal aspects of a broad Buddhist intellectual trend can be clearly demonstrated and accurately defined.


    PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Ancient & Classical

PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Ancient & Classical

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