• Commentary on Plato's Gorgias Olympiodorus | Jackson, Robin | Lycos, Kimon | Tarrant, Harold 1998 Philosophia antiqua, 0079-1687 ( Serie ) Leiden ; Boston : Brill Englisch 9789004321038 Abstract

    This is a modern, annotated translation of antiquity's only extant commentary on Plato's moral and political dialogue Gorgias, in which the author defends ancient Greek philosophy and culture at a time when Christianity has almost replaced it. The first translation into any modern language of a central work in Platonic studies is accompanied by annotations which guide the reader in understanding the obscurities of the text, an introduction to the main issues raised by it, and a bibliography of the modern literature.


    Architecture and philosophy

Jackson, Robin
Lycos, Kimon
Architecture and philosophy

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