• Marx's economic manuscript of 1864-1865

    Marx, Karl | Fowkes, Ben | Moseley, Fred 2016 Historical materialism book series ( Serie ) Leiden ; Boston : Brill Englisch 9789004304550 | BRILL9789004304550 Abstract

    Marx’s only full draft of Volume III of Capital was written in the Economic Manuscript of 1864—1865. The Volume III that we know was heavily edited by Engels. It has been a long-standing question in Marxian scholarship whether or not there are significant differences between Marx’s original manuscript and Engels’s edited version. Marx’s manuscript was published for the first time in German in 1992 in the Marx/Engels Gesamtausgabe, Section II, Volume 4.2, but this important manuscript has not previously been translated into English. The publication of this English translation of Marx’s original manuscript is thus an important event in Marxian scholarship. English-speaking Marxist scholars can finally compare Engels’s Volume III with Marx’s original manuscript and evaluate for themselves the significance of the differences.



Marx, Karl
Fowkes, Ben
Moseley, Fred

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