• Lenin and the logic of hegemony : political practice and theory in the class struggle

    Shandro, Alan 2014 Historical materialism book series, 1570-1522 ( Serie ) Leiden : Brill 9789004271067 | BRILL9789004271067 Abstract

    In Lenin and the Logic of Hegemony, by means of a careful textual and contextual analysis of the writings of Lenin and his Marxist contemporaries, Alan Shandro traces the contours of the ‘(anti-) metaphysical event’ identified by Gramsci in Lenin’s political practice and theory, the emergence of the ‘philosophical fact’ of hegemony. In so doing, he effectively disputes conventional caricatures of Lenin’s role as a political actor and thinker and unearths the underlying parameters of the concept of hegemony in the class struggle. He thereby clarifies the conceptual status of this pervasive but now increasingly elusive notion and the logic of theory and practice at work in it.



Shandro, Alan

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