• Translatio studiorum : ancient, medieval and modern bearers of intellectual history

    Sgarbi, Marco 2012 Brill's studies in intellectual history, 0920-8607 ( Serie ) Leiden ; Boston : Brill Englisch | Französisch 9789004236813 | BRILL9789004236813 Abstract

    The present volume collects seventeen case studies that characterize the various kinds of translationes within European culture over the last two millennia. Intellectual identities establish themselves by means of a continuous translation and rethinking of previous meanings—a sequence of translations and transformations in the transmission of knowledge from one intellectual context to another. This book provides a view on a wide range of texts from ancient Greece to Rome, from the Medieval world to the Renaissance, indicating how the process of translatio studiorum evolves as a continuous transposition of texts, of the ways in which they are rewritten, their translations, interpretations and metamorphosis, all of which are crucial to a full understanding of intellectual history.


    Avant-garde (Aesthetics)

Sgarbi, Marco
Avant-garde (Aesthetics)

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