• Studies on Early Modern Aristotelianism

    Blum, Paul Richard 2012 Scientific and Learned Cultures and Their Institutions ( Serie ) Leiden : BRILL 9789004232198 | BRILL9789004232198 Abstract

    In Studies on Early Modern Aristotelianism Paul Richard Blum shows that Aristotle’s thought remained the touchstone of modern philosophy; for it was the philosophy taught at universities. The concept of philosophy at Jesuit schools forms the first part of this book. Their impact on the sciences and mathematics in combination with Renaissance ideas of nature is the topic of the second part. The transformation of Aristotelian metaphysics and theology under the influence of the Renaissance is the third area of this book. Surprising continuity from the late Middle Ages into modernity and the radical difference of subject centered modern philosophy from ‘teachable’ school philosophy are innovative in these studies.

Blum, Paul Richard

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