• Knowledge and religion in early modern Europe : studies in honor of Michael Heyd

    Ben-Tov, Asaph | Deutsch, Yaacov | Herzig, Tamar | Heyd, Michael 2013 Brill's studies in intellectual history ( Serie ) Boston : Brill 9789004231481 | BRILL9789004231481 Abstract

    The interplay between knowledge and religion forms a pivotal component of how early modern individuals and societies understood themselves and their surroundings. Knowledge of the self in pursuit of salvation, humanistic knowledge within a confessional education, as well as inherently subversive knowledge acquired about religion(s) offer instructive instances of this interplay. To these are added essays on medical knowledge in its religious and social contexts, the changing role of imagination in scientific thought, the philosophical and political problems of representation, and attempts to counter Enlightenment criteria of knowledge at the end of the period, serving here as multifaceted studies of the dynamics and shifts in sensitivity and stress in the interplay between knowledge and religion within evolving early modern contexts.



Ben-Tov, Asaph
Deutsch, Yaacov
Herzig, Tamar

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