• I know : modal epistemology and scepticism

    Freitag, Wolfgang 2013 Schöningh, Fink and mentis Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy E-Books Online, Collection 2013-2017, ISBN: 9783657100095 ( Serie ) Münster : Mentis 9783897859494 | BRILL9783897859494 Abstract

    Scepticism, the view that knowledge is impossible, threatens our conception of ourselves as epistemic subjects as much as it endangers our conception of the external world. The book develops a modal account of knowledge and provides an answer to scepticism based on a detailed examination of the main sceptical argument. It discusses prominent contemporary theories of knowledge, in particular safety and sensitivity theories, and shows that they cannot handle Gettier-type examples of a new kind. An alternative analysis of knowledge in terms of relevantly normal possibilities is developed. The sce.

Freitag, Wolfgang

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