• Self-knowledge and Self-deception : The Role of Transparency in First Personal Knowledge

    Michel, Christoph 2014 Schöningh, Fink and mentis Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy E-Books Online, Collection 2013-2017, ISBN: 9783657100095 ( Serie ) Paderborn : mentis 9783897858367 | BRILL9783897858367 Abstract

    Self-knowledge and self-deception present fundamental problems and puzzles to philosophy of mind. In this book accounts of both phenomena are systematically developed and defended against classical and recent views. The proposed "cognitive ascent model" offers an explanation of the intuitive peculiarity of self-knowledge as well as of the reach and limits of our epistemic privilege. The model builds on a general transparency principle for attitudes. Transparency can be the key to a genuinely first-personal knowledge of attitudes to the extent that someone's having a certain attitude is to be i.



Michel, Christoph

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