• Examining State and Evil: Authoritarian Slips, Past and Present

    Cercel, Cosmin Sebastian | Ozpinar, Cihan 2013 Inter-Disciplinary Press Philosophy ( Serie ) Leiden, Boston : BRILL 9781848881747 | BRILL9781848881747 Abstract

    This volume was first published by Inter-Disciplinary Press in 2013. The critical turn of the neoliberal capitalism in 2000s, 9/11 events and its after-effects, worldly and regional economic crises during the first decade of the 21st century and the repositioning of governments against crises... . The state has become one of the most burning questions of our times regarding its apparently rising power all over the world and it deserves even more attention today than any time. The needed attention should awaken philosophical questionings as well: ‘Putting the state in its place’ cannot be considered out of ethics and oscillating discussions around the state between good and evil. This book aims to be a contribution to the debates as the volume gathers a number of contributions by scholars from around the world who discuss the state in this axis through various examples from different geographies and historical periods.



Cercel, Cosmin Sebastian
Ozpinar, Cihan

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