• Arab nationalism : the politics of history and culture in the modern Middle East Wien, Peter 2017 London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group Englisch 9780415499385 | 9780415499378 Abstract

    Nationalism has been one of the most important political ideologies in the Arab world. This comprehensive text covers a wide expanse of time and geographical area, and includes a wealth of case studies. Rather than just concentrating on the history of ideas and the role of elites it examines Arab nationalism through the experience and role of the masses. It shows how Arab nationalism has actually manifested itself as a cultural and political phenomenon. Organised thematically it includes analysis of the 19thcentury origins of Arab nationalism right through to its contemporary manifestations.


    Arabische Staaten | Nationalismus | Illusion | Katharerin

Wien, Peter
Arabische Staaten

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