• Buddhism and the spirit cults in North-East Thailand Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja 1970 Cambridge studies in social anthropology ( Serie ) Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Press Englisch 0521078253 Abstract

    Dr Tambiah describes the religious practices and beliefs of the people of a remote village in north-east Thailand, relating them to the wider context of the civilization in which they are embedded, and examining the relationship of the religious practices of the villagers to the classical Buddhist tradition. Because they have based their studies on the Sanskrit and Pali literature, Western observers have tended to dismiss much of the popular manifestation of Buddhism as debased. Dr Tambiah demonstrates that this judgement is misleading, and emphasizes that the contemporary village religion that he describes manifests continuities as well as transformations with respect to the classical literary tradition. The village religion is described primarily through ritual.


    Thailand | Buddhismus | Animismus

Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja

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