• Questioning history : Imagining the past in contemporary art Stok, Frank ¬Van ¬Der 2008 Reflect ( Serie ) Rotterdam : NAi Publ. Englisch 9789056626594 | 7236045 Abstract

    "There no time like the present to play a good game of baseball on earth with a team of Angels who keep their eye on your home run... For an Angel...there is no place like home and heaven is as close as it get to the good life. A home run in heaven is a matter of how you played the good game in life...Batter Up"..this manuscript is an insert into Fly Ball Heaven in Grace Park...Pages 78, Illustration 30...Children's short story novels...this one will make your heart fly...Play Ball.Books on CD available at www.followthefish.org website. This product is under Listen With Your Eyes See/Sea Sounds Trademark...Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office...Copyright 1996-2012, Library of Congress,All Rights Reserved.Contact The School of Fish Academy at Email address: help@followthefish.org...Welcome...


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Stok, Frank ¬Van ¬Der

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