• Struggle over the modern : purity and experience in American art criticism, 1900 - 1960

    Raverty, Dennis 2005 Madison, NJ : Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press Englisch 0838640214 | 7235601 Abstract

    "The most familiar strain of this debate to us today is formalism, which emphasized "purity" in art and culminated in the writing of the influential late modern critic, Clement Greenberg. The other critical position, he contends, is not as familiar to us today, partly because it was so overshadowed by formalist thought in the postwar period. This position emphasized the importance of "experience" over formal purity and is evident in the writing of Greenberg's rival, Harold Rosenberg, as well as in a number of American writers and critics from the first half of the century. Struggle Over the Modern reconstitutes this neglected yet important dimension of the avant-garde debate in American art criticism decade by decade."--Jacket.


    USA | Kunstkritik | Formalismus | Erfahrung | Geschichte 1900-1960

Raverty, Dennis

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