• Dada East : the Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire

    Sandqvist, Tom 2006 Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.] : MIT Press Englisch 0262195070 | 9780262195072 | 7235161 Abstract

    Tzara - who himself coined the term "Dada," inspired by an obscure connection of his birthday to an Orthodox saint - was at the Cabaret Voltaire that night, along with fellow Romanians Marcel, Jules, and Georges Janco and Arthur Segal. It's not a coincidence, Sandqvist argues, that so many of the first dadaist group was Romanians. Sandqvist traces the artistic and personal transformations that took place in the "little Paris of the Balkans" before they took center stage elsewhere, finding sources as varied as symbolism, futurism, and folklore. He points to a connection between Romanian modernists and the Eastern European Yiddish tradition; Tzara, the Janco brothers, and Segal all grew up within Jewish culture and traditions.".


    Rumänen | Cabaret Voltaire | Dadaismus | Geschichte 1916-1930

Sandqvist, Tom
Cabaret Voltaire

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