• Oratio : Mittelalterliche Redekunst in lateinischer Sprache

    Haye, Thomas 1999 Mittellateinische Studien und Texte , Vol. 27 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : Brill Deutsch | Latein 9789004452671 | 9789004113350 | BRILL9789004452671 Abstract

    Medieval history and learning have been deeply influenced by the ancient art of rhetoric. In the past time academic research has concentrated on the rhetorical theories of the Middle Ages ( Artes rhetoricae, Artes praedicandi, Artes arengandi ), while the contemporary practice of oratory has been completely neglected. Against the still prevailing opinion the present study shows that there is a medieval tradition of Latin speeches delivered on various occasions. The author presents a number of highly interesting Latin texts each accompanied by a historical introduction, a German translation, and an extensive analysis of the rhetorical quality.

Haye, Thomas

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