• An Ismaili Heresiography : The 'Bāb al-Shayṭān' from Abū Tammāms' Kitāb al-shajara

    Madelung, Wilferd | Walker, Paul 1998 Islamic History and Civilization , Vol. 23 ( Serie ) Leiden; Boston : BRILL 9789004450981 | 9789004110724 | BRILL9789004450981 Abstract

    Presents the "Chapter on Satan"(Bāb al-shayṭān) from a long unrecognized Ismaili work called the Kitāb al-shajara by the 4th/10th century Khurāsānī dā‘ī, Abū Tammām. The satans of Abū Tammām's "Chapter" are the founders and instigators of the seventy-two heretical sects of Islam. Each sect has been accorded a relatively lengthy description as perceived from a generally Shī‘ī and Mu‘tazilī point of view. Most entries offer new information about these sects and, in several cases, the account given is for a sect almost completely unknown in the existing Islamic heresiographical literature. The volume contains both a critical edition of the "Bāb al-shayṭān", and a complete English translation of it.

Madelung, Wilferd
Walker, Paul

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