• The revolutionary Marxism of Antonio Gramsci

    Rosengarten, Frank 2014 Historical materialism book series, 1570-1522 ( Serie ) Leiden : Brill 9789004265752 | BRILL9789004265752 Abstract

    Antonio Gramsci was not only one of the most original and significant communist leaders of his time but also a creative thinker whose contributions to the renewal of Marxism remain pertinent today. In The Revolutionary Marxism of Antonio Gramsci, Frank Rosengarten explores Gramsci's writings in areas as diverse as Marxist theory, the responsibilities of political leadership, and the theory and practice of literary criticism. He also discusses Gramsci's influence on the post-colonial world. Through close readings of texts ranging from Gramsci's socialist journalism in the Turin years to his prison letters and Notebooks, Rosengarten captures the full vitality of the Sardinian communist's thought and outlook on life.



Rosengarten, Frank

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