• The Nature of the Scholia on Plato's Phaedrus Fortier, Simon 2018 Phronesis , Vol. 63 , Issue 4 , S. 449 ff. ( Zeitschrift ) Englisch 0031-8868 | 1568-5284 Abstract

    While we know that the interpretation of the 'soul's pilot' ( Phaedrus 247c7-8) found in Hermias' Scholia on Plato's Phaedrus differs considerably from that of Syrianus and Proclus, this difference has not shifted the prevailing opinion that the Scholia are a faithful transcript of Syrianus' lectures on the Phaedrus . I argue, however, that the difference over the soul's pilot is only the first in a series of elements which are difficult, if not impossible, to ascribe to Syrianus. This, I believe, is compelling evidence that the Scholia contain the ideas of both Syrianus and Hermias.


    Hermias of Alexandria | Syrianus | Proclus | Plato | Phaedrus | scholia

Fortier, Simon
Hermias of Alexandria

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