• Camera politica : the politics and ideology of contemporary Hollywood film Ryan, Michael | Kellner, Douglas 1990 Midland book ( Serie ) Bloomington [u.a.] : Indiana Univ. Pr. 0253313341 | 0253206049 Abstract

    " a modern mythography, a study of contemporary Hollywood films based on the tools offered by feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxist cultural theory, and deconstruction." -- Village Voice "Solidly thought-out observation of the films of the 70's and 80's that comment on the system." -- Audience ..". intelligent, open advocacy. Its responsible arrangement of carefully described cultural materials will challenge students and instructors alike." -- Teaching Philosophy Camera Politica is a comprehensive study of Hollywood film during a period of tremendous change in American history, a period that witnessed the end of the American empire, crises in the economy, a failure of political leadership, loss at war, and the rise of the Right.


    Los Angeles- Hollywood | Film | Politik

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Ryan, Michael
Kellner, Douglas
Los Angeles- Hollywood

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