• Relativity and scientific computing : computer algebra, numerics, visualization ; with 11 tables Hehl, Friedrich W. 1996 Berlin [u.a.] : Springer Englisch 3540603611 Abstract

    This book contains lectures given by leading scientists from internationally reputed centers of research and teaching who provide insight into the state of the art of scientific computing in relativity. It is split into four parts covering numerics, computer algebra, visualization, and exotic smoothness on spacetime. As well as introducing the techniques the authors stress the importance of combining complementary methods to attack complex problems in general relativity and gravitation. Care has been taken to select lecturers who teach in a comprehensible way, so this work provides an excellent introduction to scientific computing for students who wish to specialize in relativity, gravitation, and/or astrophysics.


    Relativitätstheorie | Wissenschaftliches Rechnen | Visualisierung

Hehl, Friedrich W.
Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

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