• From disgust to humanity : sexual orientation and constitutional law Nussbaum, Martha Craven 2010 Inalienable rights series ( Serie ) Oxford [u.a.] : Oxford Univ. Press Englisch 9780195305319 Abstract

    Nussbaum argues that disgust has long been among the fundamental motivations of those who are fighting for legal discrimination against lesbian and gay citizens. In its place she offers a "politics of humanity," based not merely on respect, but something akin to love, an active effort to see the world from their perspectives, as fellow human beings. Combining rigorous analysis of the leading constitutional cases with philosophical reflection about underlying concepts of privacy, respect, discrimination, and liberty, Nussbaum discusses issues ranging from non-discrimination and same-sex marriage to "public sex."


    USA | Homosexualität | Gesetzgebung

Nussbaum, Martha Craven

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