• Artempo - where time becomes art : [9.06 - 7.10.2007, Venezia, Palazzo Fortuny, exhibition ; Künstler: Marina Abramovic, El Anatsui, Arman ...]

    Vervoordt, Axel | Abramović, Marina 2007 Venezia : Musei Civici Veneziani Englisch 9789076979472 | 7235720 Abstract

    All of our actions occur in space. Life itself evolves through time. Space and time and the cosmos have intrigued mankind since the dawn of civilization. They have captured like no other subject, and continue to do so, the imagination of artists, philosophers and scientists alike, and have prompted responses such as Stonehenge, the Mayan calendar, and many modern work. To mention only a few; James Turell's admirable explorations of light and infinite space; Tatsuo Miyajima's fascination with space and time, which expresses humankind's need to link it's existence to the vast expanse of the universe; Anish Kapoor's investigations into metaphysical polarities like presence and absence, being and non-being, darkness and light. Their work as well as the ones presented in Artempo, are a re-examination of the relationship between nature and the man-made world, a re-evaluation of our perceptions of reality of how we read the information, meaning, and poetry in the physical world around us.


    Kunst | Vergänglichkeit

Vervoordt, Axel
Abramović, Marina

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