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  • Is Pyrrhonian Suspension Incompatible with Doubt? Machuca, Diego E. 2021 Midwest Studies in Philosophy , Vol. 45 , S. 27 ff. ( Zeitschrift ) Englisch 0363-6550 | 1475-4975 10.5840/msp20219299 Abstract

    The Pyrrhonian skeptic’s stance, as described by Sextus Empiricus, is in good part defined by his suspending judgment or belief about all the matters he has so far investigated. Most interpreters of Pyrrhonism maintain that it is a mistake to understand this form of skepticism in terms of doubt because suspension as conceived of by the Pyrrhonist is markedly different from the state of doubt. In this article, I expound the reasons that have been offered in support of that prevailing view and assess their strength.


    Analytic Philosophy | Contemporary Philosophy